About Teresa Young

I’m a certified professional coach, multi-instrumentalist, music educator, and lifelong student of the wild, wonderful human journey. A transplant to L.A. from the East Coast in 2004, I immediately felt right at home. It seemed like everybody was going after a dream or two while busy being themselves, which has always been my approach.

If you’re on the path, you’re at the goal. ~ Carl Jung

From my satisfying obsessions as a musician and music educator, to three years of training in energy medicine and somatic studies, to beginning a holistic coaching practice in 2000 using that core energetic training, to earning a coaching certification once the profession was well established, I’ve lived my passions, and I want you living yours. Then the journey really is the destination, and your body/mind/spirit is engaged in life in ways that can keep you energized and inspired over the long haul. You aren’t waiting for your real life to begin… someday. As Jung said, if you’re on the path, you’re at the goal. These days I call that “left coast” living, wherever you are. :)