Energy Leadership Index™ Background – An Attitudinal Assessment

There are two main types of assessments: Personality and Attitudinal. Personality-based assessments like the Myers-Briggs are valuable tools that pinpoint personality types so that people can have more of an understanding of their natural strengths and weaknesses. By understanding your personality and how it relates to what you do, you can adapt your behavior to “work with what you have” most effectively.

The Energy Leadership Index™ (ELI) is an attitudinal assessment that is based on an energy/action model. The ELI measures your level of energy based on your attitude: your current perception of and perspective on your world. Because attitude is subjective, it can be altered. By working with a coach using the ELI, you can alter your attitude and perspective, make a shift in your consciousness, and increase your energy and leadership effectiveness.

There are no limits to the potential growth you can achieve. Once you realize that your actions are directly related to your attitude, to your current, often unconscious “filters”, you can move from functioning more or less effectively to functioning optimally.

As part of the Energy Leadership Index™ assessment and debrief process, you’ll learn about the 7 levels of leadership and how much energy you currently have in the “catabolic” range and in the “anabolic” range. You’ll be debriefed on the findings of the assessment and coached on how to navigate to high—and enjoyable— performance.

More than a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein addressed the scientific community, passionately presenting the idea that everything we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is not matter, but energy. Everything that “matters” is energy.

Are you ready to energize your leadership and your life?



Content on the Energy Leadership Index™ is provided with permission from  iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.