Exploratory Conversation

This call is an opportunity to share issues, perspectives, and values. Goals you already know of. An opportunity to get a sense of one another’s energy. Do we feel like a fit in this uniquely powerful and sacred relationship? We’ll ask and answer that question together. Beautiful.

Holistic Coaching Services

My style is nurturing and developmental. I believe daily life should be very good! We may begin our work together with the Energy Leadership Index™, a phenomenal attitudinal assessment that you’ll take online in about 20 minutes. You’ll receive a written report illustrating your energy usage habits within about 24 hours. Its purpose is to show you how you’re currently utilizing your life force, both when things are going reasonably well and when you’re feeling stressed. Our initial discussion of your energy habits jump-starts our holistic coaching conversation, taking it deep fast, beneath the perhaps habitual static of personal habits, fears, assumptions, and limiting beliefs. Where it wants to be.

I’ll be your coach and champion, in your corner, as you work to gather, contain, protect, and direct your energy—your most precious resource—to accomplish what you want most. I typically coach in 6- to 12-month increments these days, as that’s what it can take to forge exciting new pathways. We’ll craft an approach that fits your particular path and goals.

The Energy Leadership Index™

The Energy Leadership Index™ is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables individuals to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall capabilities to lead themselves and others. The ELI gives you a baseline for your current performance and overall energetic tendencies.

The realizations that you’ll gain from the Energy Leadership Index™ assessment and debrief will change the way you view yourself and your world. This is evolutionary work toward creating the life that you want and deserve. Really.