4 Ways to Re-Energize After the Holidays

The holiday season that you just completed—in whatever ways you and your community celebrated—can be rather fraught, right? Family, friends, gifts, rituals, proximity, distance, introverts, extroverts, messy people, neat freaks, old stories, new complexities… it’s often, well, a lot. And if you’re reading this particular post on this particular website, you’re no doubt someone who did your part to try to make the season a beautiful one.

Now, back in “ordinary time,” back at work, at home, at school, you may be feeling just how much life force you expended in the process. It’s time now, as you settle back into your relatively, blessedly comforting routines, for some smart strategies to truly regain your energy while prepping to make the most of all the natural motivation that the New Year brings.

So check out these four simple strategies for re-grouping energetically toward a strong start to 2018:

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And rock on, knowing I’m in your corner. Reach out if I can help. It will be my privilege.