A Request to Share: Synchronicity Stories

First, what is synchronicity?

Synchronicity has fascinated me since I encountered it decades ago as a philosophically curious 24 year-old. It cuts right to the core of some contradictory leanings of mine, since my worldview is fundamentally existential, and I’m deeply spiritual. Tangled twine in terms of personal attributes, right?

For my current purposes, I’ll define synchronicity like this:

Venerable Mirriam-Webster defines it at greater length, including C.G. Jung’s role in originating its current usage. But that definition includes some baggage that I don’t find central and don’t want you carrying. Maybe it’s just that the term “psychic” irritates me. More tangled twine of mine. :)

Experiencing the experiential

Anyway, and meanwhile, you know those intriguing events or strange conjunctures between things that give you a little wave of chills, or make you breathe a slightly mystified aha? That’s synchronicity. The juicy coincidences that you couldn’t have engineered no matter how clever you are? Yep. Synchronicity.

I experience synchronicities as gauze-covered portals, areas of mystery where my inherent existentialism, my “agnostic spirituality”, and my lived experience come together in unforeseeable small and large ways in spine-tingling moments. And I encounter countless synchronicities in in my work with clients. Which leads me to add that I also experience synchronicities as inherently helpful and/or inspiring, by which I mean the ancient meaning of inspire, to infuse with spirit. Beautiful.

Time to write

And now it seems that the time has come for me to begin collecting stories and writing about experiences of synchronicity in the lives of others. I look forward to hearing from you! Connect with me below, and thanks very much for sharing.