Ready to, yes, enjoyably accomplish your weight loss goal?

My newest coaching “mission” began when four different people mentioned weight-loss struggles to me in the same week last May. BOOM. Time for solutions. I’ve been exploring—and living—the latest research since. My training actually began early in life with my amazing father, a lifelong health guru and fitness trainer who’s still at it in his early eighties. We got to hang out together in Florida this summer while I planned this series, which made the “design phase” doubly enjoyable for me.

Why experience my approach?

I call my personal weight loss coaching series Beautiful Food and Beautiful You, because I am a foodie, like many of you. Deliciousness and satiety have become compelling aspects of our 21st century lives. So my approach harnesses your love of great tastes to energize your weight-loss—or “weight correction”—goals. I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve developed to foster your own badass results.

We’ll harness your love of food to energize your weight-loss goal.

Knowledge is power, inspiration, and motivation

This series includes a tremendous amount of content that will transform your approach, and includes the following:

  • The Spirituality of Food These Days: Why We’ll Begin Here
  • Deliciousness, Satiety, and the New Science on Both
  • Exercise: the New Science
  • Two Secret Weapons: Sleep, Meditation, and What We Know Now
  • Creating Deeply Satisfying Food and Other Self-Care Rituals
  • Gaining Certainty (That Food Lobbies Don’t Want You to Have)
  • Successes and Opportunities: Taking Stock and Tweaking Plans
  • Power Prep for Crazy-Healthy Forward Movement

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And yes:

You. Deserve. This.