On a quest to create my own beautiful year from the inside out, I’ve decided on the thought above as my mantra du jour.

How much gets instantly handled—and re-handled—when we focus on the fact that now is what we really have? The magnificent paradox therein is the freedom that this realization creates, freedom to pursue what matters most to us. Freedom to knock off re-hashing the past. To stop expending precious life force on anxieties about the unknowable future. To truly relish all the beauty, truth, and goodness right here in front of us.

Rock on in the now, dear ones, enjoyably, with the present mattering as much as future goals while you align your choices and actions with what you value and want most.

After all, truth be told, here we go now, daily, mindfully, for at least ten minutes, plus additional time whenever and wherever needed in the moment:


Certified Professional Mindset and Meaning Coach Teresa Young works with clients to accomplish their passion-based goals in healthy, soulful new ways. She coaches by phone, in person, and via Skype outside the U.S.