I’m Teresa Young. As Left Coast Coach, my holistic coaching work is about you living your dream in healthy, sustainable new ways, wherever you are.

Inner to Outer

Eventually we all seek fulfillment, whether in the “design phase” of our lives or in burnout mode after building a resume, a body of work, a relationship, a lifestyle. Whether proactively, to re-charge energetically, or somewhere in between, we may eventually need space and time for important inner work to set the stage for us to create in the outer world what will truly fulfill us.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is for savvy folks who are determined to actually have what they want most, rather than just dreaming about it.

  • The more clear you are about what you want, the more efficiently you can realize it. Coaching brings laser beam focus to dreams and goals.
  • What comes up that gets in the way? Because life is like that, right? Coaching is committed facilitation that transforms your approach to inner and outer challenges.
  • What’s the plan, Stan? Coaching includes measurable action-planning that moves you forward. Period.
  • With you 100% enjoyably engaged in what matters most to you, the journey really is the destination. It really is.

Why a Holistic Approach?

In a holistic approach, we take an overarching view of your life, circumstances, and passions in pursuing your goals. The progress that you make then, whether incremental or exponential, unfolds in ways that suit the largest, deepest, wisest you. And I’ve learned through intense training, my own wild, wonderful journey, and my work with others that the goal behind the surface goal is really where it’s at. This is where our passion lies. So I’m in it with my clients toward that depth of reflection and then totally congruent forward movement.

On your mark. Get set. GO.

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